nedjelja, 17. travnja 2022.

Excerpt from Crypto Discord community chat about state&trends:

On exclusivity and marketing:

These events are not public entry level sports events.
It's more exclusive than "Willy Wonka's" golden tickets.

Some consumer have purchase potential to buy Louis Vuitton, and to protect their wealth from melting they look for minimum potential of hedge investing.

These higher level entry venues are a richman's social niches where their privacy is preserved while still casually browsing for potential business opportunities

ATM inflation is viral. Can't beat that ;)

Real Moon missions took many-many months. Disease is viral.

With cost of living getting more expensive we can forget about onboarding more retail to crypto. Buying crypto on CE is expensive ATM. Free money tap going into retail hands is closed after 'RONA now war efforts popular. That's where free money is now.

Only existing crypto on the "block" can support required liquidity. Online Gaming and advertising is the only current fiat inflow to networks. And gamers hate "us". While advertisers like gamers.

Anyways, modern DeFi and FinTech is more complex than any real space mission. As it involves to many volatile factors, about 5 billion factors. If we take into account that 3 billion are under legal age minors and children.

I had same thoughts. That providing liquidity & swapping funct. is good tactic and direct benefit. When internal system seem stagnant, bridging could provide some relief for holder looking for some action.

Here's my thought, on current state of crypto.
Traditional economy and investing trends are actually onboarding current fiat debt/inflation into blockchain sphere.
Crypto needs a cascade of bridges to real-world values (energy, food prod., goods, human workforce, DAOs) that would negate the inflation effect of traditional fiat mechanisms.
But it takes time and adoption period to move all wales and their siblings and offspring into "fresh new ocean".
Just putting fiat into crypto is nearly same as fiat money-printer.
So easy on developers, feed them well & make dev. happy, sleep&f**k well. And we all slide the dev. dream rainbow onto moon. Not rocket, but a slide, same 1G stress like on mother earth. Cheer's AXL army. Sleep well & dream dev. rainbow.

METAVERSE - universe where NFTs live & "dream (electronic sheeps)"? What are the rules of "physics" that govern in that cosmos? Read further. HINT: That society skipped the "Stone age".

What kind of NFT you peeps like? - pop culture; - sport; - art; - music; - retro; - gaming; - crypto community; - In Real Life utility; - other: let us know . . . (edited)

utorak, 12. travnja 2022.

Quake II, funny gameplay

Switching files between different Quake 2 versions result with animation glitch.
Video soundtrack from compilation "Skinner's Room" :
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