ponedjeljak, 26. srpnja 2010.

The Nutrition : The Infamous Egg Hype

Just few moments ago I went trough an article about how in these modern ages folk are easily tricked by many commercial articles about what and how to eat.

Any ways I can confirm the facts in the egg yolks article from my personal experience.

Firstly I must point out the importance of aspects in my eating habits. See, my common working day starts from 7:30 and I'm back home by 19:30 average. Great recipe for a total human burnout.
I'm lucky to have to work like this only trough February or March till end of September. And the rest I'm off, except the household duties and kids almost all the time.

In the intense times of the working season it is hard to meet the norms of healthy nutrition. So after the "adjustment" I came up with a plan or a schedule to keep myself fit and healthy. At this point I will not brig up the details about it.

While the story here goes around the eggs and egg yolks. So, my egg meals I take is for lunch time around noon. Let me add how mostly if I don't get my yogurt and two average bananas for breakfast I go for a plane corn flakes and milk with honey and add some candied fuit and/or nuts alike s.
The eggs I eat whole, not throwing whites or yolks, well done fried. I add aside some sort of salad ether fresh season green latices and cheese.

This keeps me running all day without famine, just eventually in the afternoon have some fresh fruits.

And the fact from the mentioned article how egg yolks are important to keep the "GOOD" cholesterol balance is truth. I see it every (other) day I have an eggs meal. It keeps me feeling well fed for far longest period of time during a day, than any other grocery.

Check for details about the article ether trough an facebook add or click this link :"http://www.truthaboutabs.com/whole-eggs-or-egg-whites.html"

petak, 23. srpnja 2010.

How to Calculate PC Labor Cost | eHow.com

How to Calculate PC Labor Cost | eHow.com

Here are directions for calculating the price of hour working to fix a computer.
So, no surprise, this is also solved starting from the actual expense of the

This isn't a big deal, everyone can come up with this one. And again the
directions given there apply to almost any other business areas.

Last fall I've made the same analysis just with that difference that I've
included the regional approximation of the market itself. To figure out
what will the actual interest be for the services provided.

A must add. Is the fact that even I'm still not running an official service.
But ether way I still get a lot of requests to review or aid in a potential
purchase of a PC component or a new one all put together by some
"branded" local provider/dealer. Especially brand new computers
come to my "shop" for a "fix".

But I'tell people that the ones that received their money for that
hardware are the ones who they should be dealing with. The same
works for the others services.

The thing is how it's necessary to educate users to keep the market
in a healthy condition. Meaning that in many cases it's not enough
just having users reach you.

How to handle clients and meet or even exceed their expectations
could be the next subject.

nedjelja, 4. srpnja 2010.

The pilot post on "THE Blog", "Hello World"

Generic greetings:
O.k. Depending on how quick I DiG these tools for editin and publishing,
content provided here will become less generic. And more
all living and colorful.
Meanwhile, blending starts from defaults in the "first frame".

In case you check the "Edit Html", 'IS NO CHANCE TO

In case you check the "Edit Html", 'IS NO CHANCE TO
actual formatting better be done in another editor,
handling styles.

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Welcome. Motivated by curiosity I use this and other free online services.

Here also on blogspot, the Blogger service is a mean of proliferation. To spread further and deeper into virtual realms.

I like using and testing the free web services and see how they collaborate. Making this a part of widespread experiment.

 List of other colonies, under my hegemony:

  • edoga.blog.hr - Hr blog, croatian blog service on php, more than couple adds by provider 
  • edi-rak.from.hr - free hosting and "from.hr" domain provided by CARNET as a free public service for croatian residents, Solid but basic wordpress funcionality available, but more secure. All maintenance is done by administrators.  
  • google + - as "edo9a", "edoga" or just Edi Rak. For Google services I registered only one in my life and that was Adsense. And I never registered for a Gmail account.
  • edoga.biz.hr - I using this paid domain and hosting for decade now on Avalon, it provides me with unlimited personal web services on my own liking
  • edo9a.blogspot.com - cronlologicaly along came the Blogger, in mid of Web 2.0 age. I opened also account here to see more about user experience free services provide
  • youtube - is daily providing content and I use it here to embed playlists,
  • facebook as edo9a, or Edi Rak ..  .  
  • I also have few more services not yet listed here.....