utorak, 27. rujna 2011.

"...for this one I need an 'dislike' but there isn't one"

Although it's for the most of people an obvious attribute, Facebook web service tends to keep a positive attitude, in general. With that in mind I can understand the persistence at Facebook R&D departament against implementation of, a so many times requested, the "dislike" button/link/control. Again, that is why it is called a "social network". But it seems how occasionally we all wish for an antisocial world wide or local/reginal wide web service. My guess is the second one would suite better for antisocial users as an area for them activities. LIKE a stadium would suite BEST. And with all pros and cons I prefer keep Facebook "social". We can always use the provided interface controls to state our "anti" stand. PERIOD."dot"

Stay Tuned TV's teaching you about Internet

Our local non-interactive media is every day bullshiting us and treating with subtle hypes from yesterdays news from and especially about the internet and a variety of web services. And so, today we as it is the first time ever hear or read about reading from anybodys browsing cookies. Which got invented for that purpose in the first place. How come that Facebook service is doing it as of when the TV news reports. In 2011. Afther nearly two decades of internet, browsers and cookies. It's just that I don't know how to ignore the false propaganda form an inanimate media like these we got here. P.S.: Hope I managed to shed some insight about the reading cookies privacy matter, whitch are not read only anyway.

ponedjeljak, 26. rujna 2011.

If I was any smarter I'd figured it out 10 y. ago

XP - laughing really hard while sticking out the tongue. As from this moment thats what stands for me from now on "XP" and "Windows XP" title around 10 years now, from Microsoft. Since anyone who figured out Win98 that's how they "felt" at the introduction to Win (now - then) "XP". So how and what should we (users) think about after having a more than a couple of service packs for an "xP" or "XP". And we're still getting updates for it. Was the actual message in the title of OS from MS to acctualy gat na Server OS. Since every Linux user got it right away by default.