And everywhere

Welcome. Motivated by curiosity I use this and other free online services.

Here also on blogspot, the Blogger service is a mean of proliferation. To spread further and deeper into virtual realms.

I like using and testing the free web services and see how they collaborate. Making this a part of widespread experiment.

 List of other colonies, under my hegemony:

  • - Hr blog, croatian blog service on php, more than couple adds by provider 
  • - free hosting and "" domain provided by CARNET as a free public service for croatian residents, Solid but basic wordpress funcionality available, but more secure. All maintenance is done by administrators.  
  • google + - as "edo9a", "edoga" or just Edi Rak. For Google services I registered only one in my life and that was Adsense. And I never registered for a Gmail account.
  • - I using this paid domain and hosting for decade now on Avalon, it provides me with unlimited personal web services on my own liking
  • - cronlologicaly along came the Blogger, in mid of Web 2.0 age. I opened also account here to see more about user experience free services provide
  • youtube - is daily providing content and I use it here to embed playlists,
  • facebook as edo9a, or Edi Rak ..  .  
  • I also have few more services not yet listed here..... 

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